Welcome to A Writ Much where I write weekly! (or at least I try to) It’s incredible how much of an impact writing has on my mood. The sheer joy and satisfaction of writing something of my own and putting it out there is unmatched. But, with it comes a whole lot of self-doubt and anxiety; because I write in the hope that someone out there connects with my work- and if it’s not that deep, if all you get is a break from your day by reading the poetic, gathered version of my scattered thoughts, that’ll do too.

Maybe this blog will create revolutionary, everlasting change (in my dreams, I know) or historians will discover it a thousand years down the line and wonder what was wrong with me. Either way, I’m going to keep writing, from social issues to epiphanies that strike me at midnight, and the occasional rave on art, because well, why not? Keep an eye out for my book reviews as well.

I am not the best, I’ll admit but feedback is always appreciated. Never hesitate to drop me a comment on any of my posts! Happy reading!

“Write what should not be forgotten” ~ Isabel Allende.