Welcome to A Writ Much where I write weekly! The average person has 6,200 thoughts a day. Most of these thoughts are lost, but the others remain with us- the others could potentially change the world or spark a revolution!

These thoughts need an outlet don’t they? A form of this outlet, is self-expression. Self-expression is such a huge part of us and not everyone understands its importance. Your thoughts are your actions, your behaviour. So, I’d like to think of this blog as my self-expression.

I am not the best, I’ll admit but feedback is always appreciated. On my blog, you’ll find articles on social issues, on one of the 6,200 thoughts in my head and in general, on anything I am intrigued by and want to learn more about. Keep an eye out for my book reviews as well. Happy reading!

“Write what should not be forgotten” ~ Isabel Allende.

Contact me at this tag- @sarahpitt2405